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Jewelry is time tested proven gift that everyone would love to recieve on Valentines Day.
However now a days it isn't enough to just give a beautiful high quality piece of jewelry.
The jewelry gift you give the special person in your life needs to be just as special as they are.
Standard jewelry just won't cut it.

That is why a custom 3D Photo Charm is a perfect gift for your loved one on Valentines Day.
3D photo charms come in 14kt yellow gold, 14kt white gold, and sterling silver.
3D photo charms come in three sizes: "Standard", "Junior", and "Duets".
Valentines Charms
The most unique thing about the 3D photo charms is that you can immortalize your favorite photo
of you and your loved one by making it a unique 3D charm.
Or if your loved one is a dog or cat lover, or if you have children,
you can use a picture of your pets or children to make your charm.