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Charm Questions


Q: How much do your charms cost?

A: 3D Photo charms start at $69 for our Sterling Silver “JR” charms with swivel clasp and range in price up to $249 for a 14kt gold charm pendant with chain. Additional accessories are available as well.


Q: Do you offer other metals or diamond-studded charms?

A: Every charm is a custom creation, so if you would like information on other metal options like platinum or 18kt gold, please contact us for a price. We can also line your charm with diamonds for absolutely amazing look!


Q: What kinds of metal options do you offer?

A: Our charms are available in three solid metals – sterling silver, 14kt yellow gold and 14kt white gold. Other options are available - please contact us for custom metal pricing.


Q: Will my charm tarnish?

A: The sterling silver charms will eventually tarnish over time. To clean your charm, dip it in a common silver cleaner like Tarn-X and rinse.


Q: Can I put two people / animals on the same charm or have them back-to-back?

A: No, at this time we can only put one subject on each charm. Any variation from our routine process increases the cost of materials and labor, which would result in a much more expensive charm.


Q: What is the size difference between the Standard charm & the "JR" charm?

A: The Standard charm is the original size measuring approximately 22mm across the longest dimension. The "JR" charm is approximately 16mm along its longest dimension.