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Jewelry Care - Gold and Silver Jewelry

Now that you’ve ordered your unique piece of Jewelry, here are a few tips to keep it in great shape for lifetime of beauty:

  1. To protect your gold and silver jewelry from damage, discoloration, and residue buildup, hair spray or perfumes should be applied before putting on your custom jewelry. Ideally, jewelry should be the last items that you put on.
  2. Remove all gold jewelry before showering or cleaning. Soap can cause a film to form on gold jewelry, making it appear dull and dingy. By preventing the formation of this film, you can increase the time between cleaning your pieces.
  3. Each unique jewelry piece should be carefully stored separate from other jewelry while not being worn.
  4. Sterling silver jewelry needs to be cleaned often to keep it bright and shiny, as it will tarnish and become dull and dingy looking, eventually oxidizing and turning almost black.

    While gold jewelry does not tarnish, as does sterling silver, it does need to be occasionally cleaned.
  5. To clean your jewelry at home, you'll find many commercial cleaners available. In addition, you will find a soft chamois cloth an effective and inexpensive way to keep your pieces lustrous and shining.

    You can remove tarnish from your silver charms with a jewelry cleaner or by using soap and water mixed with a few drops of ammonia. Carefully brush with a soft bristle brush. An old toothbrush can also be used. After the brushing, simply rinse with lukewarm water and allow drying. You should also talk to your jeweler before attempting to clean any gold jewelry set with colored gemstones because some stones require special cleaning procedures.

    For many gold and silver jewelry pieces, an ultrasonic cleaning machine may be appropriate.
  6. Never wear your jewelry when you doing activities that could lead to your gold and silver jewelry getting scratched, broken, or could come in contact hazardous chemicals. Bracelets and rings are more vulnerable to physical damage than other types of jewelry. You should check all your gold and silver pieces every few months for loose gems, broken prongs, chipped stones, scratched metals, etc. Most damaged jewelry can be easily repaired if it is discovered early enough.

Chlorine is your gold and silver jewelry's worst enemy. These jewelry items should not be worn while swimming in chlorinated pools, sitting in Jacuzzis, or while showering in water treated with chlorine.