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"Why are these charms the best photo charm on the market?"


Quality Materials & Workmanship

  • All of our charms are made from a solid cast metals, never plated. Other products may be gold or silver plated, which means that they are made from a lesser grade material and then plated to look pretty. In time, this plating will chip with wear, exposing the true metals underneath.
  • Our patent-pending process combines a series of steps performed by individuals with specialized talents. This means that each charm is checked by numerous people, and every step of the process is done with exceeding care and competence.
  • In the past, the only way to create a three-dimensional charm with realistic detail was to hand carve each image in wax. These take a lot of time to carve and cost hundreds of dollars. Thanks to today's technology, we are able to do this work with sophisticated CAD software and a milling machine. The end result is an amazing likeness and your favorite photo... CHARMED!
  • Standard store-bought charms are usually wafer thin slices of metal that are embossed with a picture to create a 3-D shape. In contrast, our charms are created as a solid disc with a 3-D raised surface.

Uniqueness & Accuracy

  • Your favorite photograph of your loved one is what makes the charms come alive. We take the expression that was captured on film and translate that into wearable art for a truly unique piece of jewelry.
  • To date, our return rate is less than one half of one percent. Our only complaint, rare as it may be, comes from trying to produce a custom photo charm from a poorly taken photograph. We do our best to create a satisfactory piece and can only do so much to create an exact likeness from images that are out of focus, faded, have poor resolution, or something obstructing the subject's face. For best results, please review our image guidelines before sending us your photograph. If you are not satisfied with your charm, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • One of a kind custom pieces are absolutely wonderful - until you want two. We realize that you may need multiple charms from the same image and so our process was developed with easy duplication in mind. We can easily cut the same charm from wax two times (or more) and create a likeness of your loved one for anyone and everyone in your family. Other similar products are created by hand, so exact duplication is next to impossible.

Affordable Pricing

  • Custom jewelry is not an inexpensive market. Because of the time and labor involved, purchasing a unique piece can usually be costly. Because of our proprietary process which takes advantage of technology, we are able to reduce labor costs drastically so we can provide you with custom charms at fraction of the price.
  • Other companies provide a wafer thin charm stamped or etched charm for more than twice the price. Our charms are the thickest on the market and the likeness is so amazing we can guarantee you'll love it!