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Photo Questions


Q: What kind photo makes a good charm?

A: The images that work best are evenly lit color photographs from a digital camera or photo center that are in sharp focus. We need an image that has the full face and head/hair showing without obstructions or scuffs/scratches.


Q: What resolution and file format does my photograph have to be?

A: Digital images must be in .jpg or .bmp format at 300dpi or higher for us to create the best possible likeness. If you send an unacceptable image, we will not proceed until we contact you.


Q: Can I use a professional photograph?

A: Professional photographs are the property of the photographer or studio. We can use your professional portrait with permission from the photographer / studio.


Q: Can I make a charm from a copyrighted image?

A: We can only use a copyrighted image with permission from the copyright owner.


Q: Can I mail you a photograph?

A: Yes, please send your photo to 1557 Highway NN, Ironton, MO. 63650. We strongly recommend that you sandwich the photo between two pieces of cardboard to prevent it from bending in the mail. We cannot be responsible for photos damaged in the mail.


Q: Will you return my photo with my order?

A: Once we scan your photo we have no need to keep it and it will be returned with your charm order. Please do not send irreplaceable photos as we cannot be responsible for photos damaged or lost in the mail.


Q: What should I do if I dont have a photo to send to you yet?

A: You may order at any time to take advantage of our current promotions and offers. Our turnaround time however, is based on the date we receive a photograph from you.


Q: How do I choose the best photo when I have several favorites?

A: Feel free to send us more than one photo for your order. We can choose the one that will create the best quality charm.


Q: Can you make a charm from a painting or drawing?

A: Each charm is created as a likeness to the original image. We can make charms from drawings, but they will not be photorealistic – instead they will be a 3D version of the artwork