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Photo Requirements - See Photo Samples Below

  • Traditional Print Photographs
  • subject's head & hair must be in focus
  • subject's face must not be obstructed (ie. hands over mouth, hat over eyes, etc)
  • images with creases, scratches & scuffs through subject cannot be accepted.
  • color is not an issue - while color is preferred, black & white photos & sepia tones are acceptable
  • Photos with hash shadows or unusually high contrast will not work for our process
  • The best charms come from photos where the subject's head is the size of a quarter or larger
  • Digital Photographs
  • all above specifications apply
  • resolution must be 300dpi or higher
  • accepted file formats are .jpg & .bmp

Please do not send us an irreplaceable image. While we make every effort to return your photograph to you in its original condition, accidents do happen and it would be unfortunate for your image to be damaged in the mail. Please make a copy of your photograph for us to work from and we will return it to you with your order.



Bad - the edges of the subject's hair are cut off

Good - the subject is a decent size in the frame

Best - close, tight crop with space around head


Bad - the subject is washed out with the flash

Good - the subject has even contrast

Best - Dark and light are defined without shadows


Bad - 72 dpi web resolution, blurry boxy edges

Good - 300 dpi print resolution, prints clearly

Best - 300+ dpi print resolution, prints clearly


Bad - subject is very blurry with soft edges

Good - subject is slightly out of focus but still pretty crisp

Best - crisp, clear edges in sharp focus

Other Things to Avoid

Bad - multiple people in one photo covering up others and harsh shadows

Bad - subject with an object in front of their face

Bad - harsh shadows cause an unnatural look in charms

Bad - subject is laying down and ears are hidden

Bad - crazy unnatural hair or flyaways