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Memorial and Keepsake Gift Ideas

The loss of a loved one can be very difficult. These gifts can help comfort friends and family during a time of mourning. Memorial and sympathy gifts should show how much the lost loved ones will be remembered and loved forever. A custom gift that is unique and personal will show just that.

Keepsake gifts and memorial gifts can be a great tribute for lost loved ones including pets.

A Time Of Mourning

It is very sad to see a friend or family member struggle with the pain of bereavement. It is at times like these that they need your support. Memorial gifts are the best way to show that we will always be there for them and that we will never forget those who we have lost.

The Silver Lining..

Memorial gifts offer a gentle reminder to the bereaved, which remains with them long after the loved one has passed.

Memorial gifts come in a variety of forms. A few types of memorial gifts are garden memorials, indoor memorials and ceramic picture memorials. One of the most given memorial gifts are pieces of unique or personalized memorial jewelry.

Old Tradition

The great memorial jewelry gift is a necklace pendant. Traditionally goldsmiths and silversmiths have begun the design process with a paper and pencil. The design for the memorial jewelry was first sketched out and then translated by hand into a 3D wax carving. A plaster mold of the the hard wax model is then produced, the mold heated until the wax melts out. At this stage,14k gold or sterling silver would be melted down to liquid form and poured into the plaster mold. It is then allowed to cool, the resulting memorial jewelry piece reflecting perfectly the mold.

Finishing the memorial jewelry involved grinding, filing and polishing the metal to achieve the bright sheen associated with 14k gold memorial jewelry pendants and sterling silver memorial jewelry pendants.

The New Tradition

New Technology has allowed a few select jewelers to personalize memorial jewelry more than ever before. Previously all one could get is a generic piece of jewelry that was engraved with a personal message. Now, computer software allow skilled jewelers the ability to take a picture of a loved one and memorialize the person by creating a unique 3D Charm of that person. These charms can be displayed in a variety of ways. They can be worn as a pendant on a necklace, a charm on a bracelet, as cuff links, lapel pins or even on a money clip. They use a very similar detailed process as the traditional memorial jewelry, but they are more personalized and unit than ever before. Although they can be made in any metal, the most popular metals are 14K Gold and White Gold and .925 Sterling Silver.

Pet Memorials

All family members including pets deserve to be remembered.

Since most animals and pets have a shorter lifespan it is likely that all of us at one time or another have been grief stricken with the lost of a pet. Most pets are considered family members to their owners so it is understandable how the lost of a loved one can hurt so much.

With just one single photo of your pet, 3DPhotoCharmJewelry can immortalize your favorite pet and make your dog, cat, or almost any other family member into a unique custom piece of jewelry that everyone would be proud to wear or display.